Longleaf Pine Pinecone, Ft. Myer's Florida.

Longleaf Pine Pinecone, Ft. Myer's Florida.

Aurora Tracks

I am a hobbyist photographer currently residing in South Central Ohio. My earlier photographic work revolved around nature photography, and while I love taking pictures of flowers and butterflies, I have recently begun experimenting with double exposure, manipulations and blended photographs. 

I have always loved old, mysterious or fanciful photographs. An image that tells a story or ignites the viewer’s imagination is especially interesting to me.

My main goal right now is to produce photographs that are somehow different from the norm. I apply post production effects to everyday subjects with the hope of creating a thoughtful, imaginative, or emotion provoking piece.

Spring Dryad and American Maid are examples of pieces that I have done to invoke images of humans and nature blended. Tree spirits with branches for bones, or the memories of the first people’s relationship to the winter world are what I hope people will see or feel with these double exposures.  Works like Aurora Tracks and Down Reaching are meant to invoke a feeling of unease, or tell a story to the viewer. 

However my pieces are received, I enjoy sharing them with family, friends and strangers alike.